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It's a secret society of college students helping each other get to a FICO over 700


Duck9 met at Web 2.0 Expo at 7:00pm TUES

and 8:15pm TUES



Text message me, the CEO, 650-283-8008 - I host after parties when I am not in front of Congress or the World Bank testifying on credit

This is the Web 2.0 Summit after party I host every year. Read about it here and here

After 1.7 beer, call me Lorenzo because I'll be drunk

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Sponsors, special guests, invitees and event co-host EYES ONLY

Reverse Annual Fee Credit Card

Normally, banks charge you fees.

I've the scandalously fun and ostentatious goal to get banks to pay us fees. As sure as my name is, Larry Chiang, I will get you a new credit card product that will be be paying you fees. Think of it as Sadie Hawkins for credit card holders.

Sadie Hawkins are turn-about dances are where girls ask guys out. My strict Chinese parents never let me go, but I always liked the theme. Yes, I have emotional issues.

BACK ON POINT, since banks charge more and more fees and the CARD ACT that I helped write*, I thought a Sadie Hawkins themed credit card just might be what this great country needs.

"This is a product I'd cut-and-paste if I didn't invent it."
- Larry Chiang

Hold Your Spot: RSVP by text messaging in your FULL name to me at "650-283-8008" with the phrase 'Reverse Annual Fee'.

This is launching at eWeek at Stanford Feb 22, 2011. Every year this Reverse Annual Fee credit card will be paying you. We will be doing events to build awareness in Charlottesville, Pasadena, Evanston, (not Berkeley), Columbus, Ithaca, Bloomington, Champaign-Urbana and Columbus. I said Columbus twice because I really like OSU's Buckeyes.

Our coming out party is in Austin Texas at SXSW March 12.

What is the difference between launching and coming out?! I dunno but one is in Palo Alto, California and the other is in Texas.

Capacity : 2,000. This will sell out. No, we won't be expanding it. No, there is no waitlist.

Hold Your Spot:
RSVP by text messaging in your FULL name to me at "650-283-8008" with the phrase 'Reverse Annual Fee'. Title / email / Twitter handle are optional. One person per text message. Confirmations sent via text.

FOR example, text message, "Chris Larsen / CEO-founder / Chris@ProsperAss .com/ 'Reverse Annual Fee' / @ProsperAss. Preference will be given to proper RSVPs.

But, Larry, I don't text message...
and don't have a smart phone...
Can I do it on the web? Ok: here

How to value-addedly hold your spot
: Genius stuff they don't teach you at B-school: Coincide a tweet, "Reverse Annual Fee credit card by @duck9, http://bit.ly/reverseannualfee"

Extra credit: add this to your Facebook updates or tweets '#1111'.


I love 11:11 because 24 1s in a row is good credit because 1's mean an on time payment. It also reminds me of my goal at 11:11am and 11:11pm everyday.

9s = bad debt.

Avoid 9s on your credit report. Did you know many college students take a big hit in their credit score on a bad debt under $300. For example a utility bill, department store or parking ticket in LA.

9s are bad and mean a credit charge-off in credit industry lingo. It's why we named it Duck9. We were going to call it asinine (asse9) because it's asse9 to be in debt and your butt is getting 9 inches. The problem was no one could spell assinine, asinine or asse9 so we caved and called it Duck9 - Deep Underground Credit Knowledge 9

: 2,000. This will sell out. No, we won't be expanding it. No, there is no waitlist.

******** FINE PRINT ************
The Catch
: There is only one catch... You have to slap a Duck9 sticker on your credit card and email in the photo of your credit card with a new shiney Duck9 sticker.

Actually, this is optional but it'd be nice if you did this. If you email the photo of the sticker on an existing credit to chiang9@duck9.com with your cell in the subject line, we will enter you into a contest for a Duck9 thong worth $30-- Its unisex.

In short, there is no catch.

****** FINE PRINT END *******

Hold Your Spot: RSVP by text messaging in your FULL name to me at "650-283-8008" with the phrase 'Reverse Annual Fee'. Take out your phone and do it now or at least save my cell number L-a-r-r-y-C-h-i-a-n-g. 6-5-0--2-8-3--8-0-0-8.

If you are uber lazy, just call it and I'll transcribe the info for you. JK!

: If you're an editor / blogger / writer / photographer, text or tweet me @6502838008 / @larrychiang My office hours are 11:11 am/pm


See you soon,

Larry Chiang
P.S. I'd love it if you did an Afterparty at your school or conference
P.P.S. If you want me to appear at your afterparty, please text me party details


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