Four Seasons Palo Alto Corporate Event Complaint, Aug 5 from a July 25 TechCrunch Party

This complaint is squarely aimed at documenting my experience hosting a corporate event.  I was disappointed because

(1) deal changed at multiple, multiple points
(2) over verbal promise, under deliver
(3) multiple people negotiated at me

Here are the individuals involved in my negative corporate event experience.

Kelly Nelson, Director of Marketing
Emmanuel _______- "revenue manager" according to his voicemail box on my two voicemails for him.
Two front desk managers that changed my deal while the party was going on.  The deal changed at 11:25pm to 12:45pm.
11:25 was Tahira Ali- Guest Relations Mgr.
12:45pm was Male manager that is from UK or Australia and married an American girl and used to manage the SF property.  He's the one that made me sign docs by the pool deck in the dark.
Alli G. and Defne from Cinchpr.com will not be happy that I'm not happy.






















I can only offer a wild guess, but corporate events here are not popular so they squeezed my event to maximize money while they were wooing my network (yes, it was the TechCrunch post party after August Capital.)  I was ok with the extra $$, but if I had a boss, she would not have been happy.  I wanted to post a complaint to warn my community that deals agreed upon may change.

I am posting this complaint at the risk of alienating the four seasons staff worldwide but this complaint is for the one in my hometown, Palo Alto CA.

I tipped the equivalent of 6 AJs (six Andrew Jacksons, $120 -much more than my usual 8 nickels.  Google EIGHT NICKELS LARRY chiang for my hack a hotel post under my focus, "What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School") Note: while the deal was changing with management, the staff still was great.

This in no way reflects on the Four Seasons property at SF, Austin TX or Ty Warner's New York, NY Four Seasons (the Oak Brook IL natve Ty Warner has a suite named the Ty suite).  Those three hotels are my all-time favorite in the US.  It pains me to have to complain about Palo Alto 4 Seasons because my current bank password is "199King" because 199 King Street is the Four Seasons in Sydney where I go to pretend like I'm rich (I am no where near rich but am plodding towards my 11-11-11 goals).

If you'd like to hear this complaint direct from my mouth, text me your number at 650-283-8008.  If you email chiang9@duck9.com include your cell in the subject line.  You'll hear a good dose of angst and three other hotel recommendations to host events.

Larry Chiang
CEO of Duck9

p.s. The detailed phone log notes are at
www.Duck9.com/4-4-four- seasons-east-palo-alto- complaint.htm where the event took place July 25 www.Duck9.com/4-4.htm and some VCs were sent to www.Duck9.com/4.htm

p.p.s. Would I still host an event there? Yeah. I would just prepare to negotiate with my alpha game and stick the tab on an unsuspecting president of a college marketing company visiting from Oak Brook IL who thinks the Internet is for geeks only