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Student Research on Credit Literacy



Drop out rate due to debt / financial pressure


Drop out rate due to academic failure

Percentage of students with a credit card from their parents


Percentage of students with a checking account:


Percentage of students with a Savings account:


Students that have a debit card


Students that know what a FICO is:


Students that have a credit card they applied for themselves


Average balance owed on credit cards:


Students who pay late once per year and are assessed a junk fee penalty:


Students who pay late twice per year and are assessed a junk fee penalty:


Students who pay late three times per year and are assessed a junk fee penalty:


Average late fee on student credit card


Students with cell phone plan under parents plan:


Students with secondary cell phone plan:


Number of direct mail credit card offers:

17-60 per semester

Average traditional adult FICO score


Average student FICO score


College credit card banning in person promotions:

1280 Schools

College credit card affinity programs with Univerity approval (for alums and future alums i.e. Frosh, Soph, etc)


Disposable income per student














Research is based on optional/non-optional surveys of 255,000 registered Duck9 student users enrolled at four-year schools.
No personally identifiable information was compromised during surveying.

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Students can register their credit card (from any issuer) for FREE REMINDERS at FICO 750 plan to get email / SMS reminders to pay bills on time.

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