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Share and save each other from credit card pitfalls.

Legally work the credit system to expose advantages. Beat credit's catch -22.

Duck9 is a one-to-one mentorship that increases your FICO credit card, credit score.

Duck9 has a 25-year foundation in the credit card analysis industry. It provides decision making for credit card banks that sell credit cards to college students. Duck9 has evaluated over 30,000,000 college students on over 1,111 schools.

Duck9 stradles the fence in helping institutions develop scoring models and helping consumers hack their credit score like Dirty Harry. Instead of using a Magnum, we use Larry Chiang's giant brain to get the job done.

Using industry-certified methods, credit score boosting is safe to do. It is also legal. Larry Chiang helped get HR627 passed. Thank you senate banking chair, Dick Durbin from the great state of Illinois. Thank you Barack Obama.


Vision / Manifesto

To have your credit score suck less.