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Share and save each other from credit card pitfalls.

Legally work the credit system to expose advantages. Beat credit's catch -22.

Duck9 is a platform that allows student peer to peer lending.

Duck9 has a 17-year foundation in the credit card analysis industry. It provides decision making for credit card banks that sell credit cards to college students. Duck9 has evaluated over 30,000,000 college students on over 1,200 schools.

Duck9 provides a much needed service to connect lenders with borrowers. Participants can do so safely and without risk.

Using industry-tested credit evaluation techniques, peer-to-peer lending is safe to do.


Vision / Manifesto
Why do banks borrow your money at 3% and then lend it out at 18%... because people let them. Well, duck9 is another option.

Duck9 aims to connect you directly.

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