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Card Forum Call for Speakers Ends November 22

by Larry Chiang on November 21, 2019

By Larry Chiang
Card Forum Prospective Panel, Credit Scoring for Card Marketers Who Hate Our Risk Department
cute-cat-to-activate-thermodynamics-knowledge Solid or liquid
Is this cat a solid yes or a liquid maybe
image3.png Steven Zumdahl is my chemistry professor and introduced me to thermo my freshman year at U of I
Thermodynamics applies to credit scoring has jokes that just write themselves.
Key takeaways 
(1) Selecting verticals that coincide with credit worthy applicants
(2) Gas ~> solid at credit scorings “Triple Point”
Problem: Gas is bad. Solid is good. But a hard pull makes gas applicants permanently bad
Solution: Utilizing ‘cellphone number underwriting’ prior to a hard inquiry against a social.
[temperature is replaced by time.
pressure is credit score]
Leveraging channels that your risk mitigation department will think you’re raiding 2040’s Amex black card.
I just take the notes. And ask four bank executives questions.
Barclays* / Bank of America* / Chase* / Amex*
This panel and the two blog posts that stem (pun, intended) from this credit card Forum panel will be attendees ROI prior to their setting foot in Miami, Ohio
*No substitutes. If the expert speaker can’t come, a new expert from a different institution will be added.
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Calling all thought leaders

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