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Stop Saying Equifax, Sucks

by Larry Chiang on December 6, 2019

By Larry Chiang

So, I started a business in college 

I was tired of people complaining about how credit sucks. Credit reports and credit scores are figuratively engineered to suck on purpose. 


Get. Over. It. 

99.9% of people are trying to get Equifax to add, remove, delete, augment or supplement using 

– the phone {bad move}

– their website [worse move]

image2.jpegEquifax is an oligopoly. This means it’s almost a monopoly and they’re gonna be jerks

Solution: PO Box 740256 is Experian’s Direct-Database-Interface #PObox740256 #poBox740256 = genius

 #poBox740256 = the law

#poBox740256 is a hashtag in Twitter that doubles as a protocol. This signature business recipe is where mailed mail acts as a “Application Protocol Interface” (API). This API allows you to connect to Experian. 

Most API calls are computer to computer. This is frowned upon because credit reporting agencies broker negative information. Thus, the #ExternalAPI must only occur in adherence with the 1970’s laws of credit. 

Old credit laws are the current laws

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
??@alyce_ge?? Equifax sucks

#ExternalAPI#poBox740256 = genius

Alyce Ge (@alyce_ge)
??@LarryChiang?? was bumming around the equifax tweets & found this 🤣😂

Equifax is networked with using 
#poBox740256. But they do not want you to send them mail, so do it. Do send them mail that clearly states what your position is on an 8 1/2 x11 piece of paper

IN THE COMMENTS, tell me about the “miracles” that occur after sending out paper mail 

ExpTransFax (@ExpTransFax)
Equifax is networked with using #poBox740256. But they do not want you to send them mail, so do it!#expTransFax

Experian, TransUnion and Equifax also don’t want you to know about P.O. Box 105281
#FreeCreditReport (@freecreditrepor)
3, #10 envelopes/ three PO boxes

– #poBox4500

– #poBox2000

– #poBox740256

Experian TransUnion Equifax

If buying stamps and envelopes are too intimidating or too detailed to accomplish, Venmo me $5.01 and I’ll send you a #poBox740256 envelope. 

Here‘s the link to my Venmo profile. Tap or click it, and be sure you‘re finding my true self. And mail me mail to 125 University Ave, P.O. Box 1000, Palo Alto CA 94301


Sent from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, that Steve Jobs texted me on

What They Don’t Teach You In School is that Equifax controls the biggest expense in your life. Interest. 
Equifax is great

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