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Majoring in Engineering to be VCs

by Larry Chiang on February 13, 2018

By Larry Chiang
Sequoia, Founders Fund and A16Z.
The stories coming out are partial truths. The mentorship is scant on detailed steps
How to start a company. Start the company. 

I went ahead and broke it down…

CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
“Just like the Stanford athletics deal with Syracuse U, get to know the genius business shitake inside @StanfordEng.”

– Larry Chiang

Uiuc, BS

Jedi in Business Admin (JBA)

Forker of 36 vc hashtags a~>z…

Professor at Syracuse

Carl Schramm (@CarlSchramm)
4/12 // If You To to College, Choose Your Major Carefully // To be effective in building a business requires knowledge that can be leveraged to make something new. In short: major in #engineering #chemistry #biology #physics

He has never read my genius stuff and has a genius book on “burn the business plan”. I agree and have a hashtag for that #cs183EUBM

Hashtags link together protocols such as #EUBM. This pic is of Tye Delaney at an Entrepreneurship conference in California

So it’s smart to watch a little video and execute what you watched
Screenshot courtesy of Ep2; season 1, Tom Versus Time only available on Facebook and live screenings at Minneapolis 

So, it’s smart to read a little and then execute what you read


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I am just a silly boy with internet access. I like athletes that read well. It turns out taking notes de la paper help you wire together things in our brain
#cs183a34z is what would happen if @foundersfund and @a16z had a Chinese baby that was born 6′ 5″; 212 and hot

Speaking of Tom Brady’s #SelfieNoSelf practice over on Instagram, this is a selfie at Hotel W’s pink party that knowledge activates…,

Forker of 36 vc hashtags a~>z 

#cs183d is about Distribution. “D” is for distribution. Even lectures about distribution such as #cs183b, Lec 3 fail to address promotion, sales and distribution. 


What are your favorite vc hashtags between a~>z 

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