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Ode to People Selling Their Patented Ideas by Lawrence “Larry” Chiang

by Larry Chiang on November 10, 2020

Lawrence “Larry” Chiang 650-283-8008
Mary Anderson patents windshield wiper – HISTORY…
11/10/20, 8:49 AM
We might laugh at VCs 
Bc of their mba loans,
They’re rt, about ideas,
Ideas bountiful like scones!
Execution is every DING,
Uber’s software not sold,
Taxis never would ring!
Selling ideas is uber cold
Staring at u is The Chasm
Read my feed, u’ll kinda spasm
A climax of tips, like a big ‘gasm 
Organized by batch, use my hashtag(s)!
Money trickles in very tiny bags!!
A Millie is One thousand Thousands!
Chris Messina invented hashtags

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