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Problem, Not enough women in VC

by Larry Chiang on March 9, 2020

SWIB gem expanded to solve a clear female pattern

Problem: Not enough women in VC
Solution: get more Stanford females in the funnel to become great Silicon Valley VCs 

GEM as in Global Entrepreneur Marketing which is broken out from 3 – 7 lectures inside Engineering 145, “Tech Entrepreneurship”, depending on who teaches it. #ENGR145 is really good and really real. 
It’s me @LarryChiang. I spoke at swib forever ago
In 2010, at that one day SWIB conference, Mary Lou spoke as a sales director for the Stanford Daily. Anna Kahn was the chair. She took notes and is now a VC. 
SOLUTION: doing a workshop for females on doing tech sales
Tech sales is a great career springboard that:
– leads to founder opportunities like @jesskah. JeSsIcA is a Stanford CS major who’s done sales and now is at Sequoia, the venture capital firm 
– Tech sales makes PM an easy progression without or with a Stanford/Harvard mba 
– tech sales is all a vc is. 
– VC is chock full of people good at tech sales
– Tech sales is a great summer internship the summer after your freshman year because summers after soph and Junior year should be more technical. Freshman year you lack the chops so if you’re being strategic…, a sales internship after Frosh year is perfect 
– Tech sales helps you practice versus getting lectured at by a multi billionaire who does not break down how stuff really works. 
– selling is hyper unpopular to even address. Stanford engineering skipped the D, distribution class in its seminal “cs 183” series that Peter Thiel started. Distribution as in sales distribution. Lec 5 of #cs183b is the ‘Forward Deployed Engineer’ aka a salesperson with an engineering degree you physically park at a prospects facility. Place an engineer at a future customers office increases the likelihood of getting them to be a customer of Palantir*
Best wishes,
Larry Chiang
*Forward deployed engineer is the best euphemism ever
P.S. SWIB will probably hat this idea but maybe this cold email will help you the reader be a Sequoia VC in 2030🤯 

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