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What’s Real

by Larry Chiang on March 16, 2019

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Totally real.

What’s great about being a shih tzu with a really fluffy butt, is that we don’t get stopped ten times a second [literally 10x/sec] by betas asking, “Hey Larry. Did you get height augmentation or is all your money just from (faux institutional) venture capital?”

image1.jpegDeep Underground Capital Knowledge

I know all y’all are sitting there saying…,

– he was just born knowing the kung fu of doing an audit combined with character compassing a hottie

– I can’t compete with a guy rocking a 488 IQ

– he is just letting girls buy him drinks and then teasing them

– he has really good jeans🐼🐥🐳

But know that..,

– My mentor Andy Yuan kicks you and your foos Ball partner’s (me and Jimmy James  Yuan ) butt with one arm (suspended) 

– I laid out [pun intended] 63,030 tweets from 2007 to #26Feb2013 that helps people with no network and no resources succeed. I also tied 400 IQ points behind my back running protocol Forrest Gump

– Tom Brady is literally smarter and dumber than me at the simultaneous moment in a way that takes me 3000 tweets to break down. 

– I really like to take ground balls BUT CANT CATCH A POP UP

– Being genuinely happy for someone’s success puts you in the special special portion of humanity 

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