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All of Victoria’s Secrets About a High FICO Over 800, Exposed

by Larry Chiang on April 8, 2019

PALO ALTO, Calif. 
by Larry Chiang
Spilling all her secrets would boil your brain! 
If you care about mitigating minimizing and eliminating the largest expense in your life, INTEREST… here are three credit secrets about Victoria’s Secret. You see a high FICO score reduces your cost of renting money. 
1] VS credit Dept super slutty and will just hand you a $200 credit line.* Victoria’s Secret credit department is super Uber slutty, they approve (credit) virgins all day long. 
– Larry Chiang, 
CEO @duck9
My insta @larrychiang6502838008
2] Write down #poBox16589. This is Victoria’s secret box. It’s a hot hawt box that seems like secret codes. I mean is 16589 a joke? It turns out that Columbus OH box in Zip code 43216 is real**

3] There’s a 30-70 chance that Uber visa by Barclays Bank will turn you down. Wanna risk batting .300!? Striking out will ruin you for 1-3 years.***
Barclays Card Services

P.O. Box 8828
Wilmington, DE 19899-8828

Post office boxes are required by law to accept your mail. Ever wonder why banks and Victoria secret credit collections doesn’t accept email? They wanna “play hard to get”. {More like impossible to get}
Use the postal system because it’s USA law. 

My secret is that Uber seems to say yes but they’re really saying maybe. And a no will decimate your effort to establish credit. 
Do you fear failure!?

1/ This should be your first credit card as a 19-21 yo. 
2/ Write down #poBox16589. This is Victoria’s secret box. It’s a hot hawt box that seems like secret codes. I mean is 16589 a joke. 
3/ write down my cell phone number 650-283-8008. And my email address Larry-Chiang at duck9. No dashes and spaces, dot com. I’ll be standing there when you’re 25 years old either high fiving you or looking at you like “I told you so
Send me crypto. It’s only $5,199

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
??@VictoriasSecret?? A generation of super models prior to Elsa appeared on catalogs that were mailed from #poBox16589. These led to catastrophic credit score reductions because girls would move and not change the Delta Gamma address their credit card bill was mailed to.


Victoria’s Secret (@VictoriasSecret)
The best brands in swim style have arrived. Meet our new #VSswim BFFs Seafolly, Banana Moon & The Bikini Lab

I decentralized underground credit knowledge. Get it!? DUCK

The call to action to take action.

The call to act for self improvement is to get 3-10 #10 envelopes. And a couple stamps

The call to action is to text me a thank you + show me you’re DOING SOMETHING

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