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We Wrangle Coeds for a Good FICO

by Larry Chiang on May 22, 2019

image1.jpeg You see, a while back, I needed a new bra because none of mine fit
Problem set up
image2.jpeg Breast Christmas ever! 99% of women are wearing the wrong bra size

Problem with a 50% off offer
image3.jpeg So I go to Victoria’s Secret and find out you get half off a bra
Problem for your fico
image4.jpeg Save half off a bra if you open a credit card so I did. But then I moved
Problem that Duck9 solves
image5.jpeg and then this f****** bill for like 19 bucks ends up obliterating my credit
This was every female in college at University of Illinois. 
Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
16b /37
This was every female in college. 

I don’t just listen to problems.
Imma man.
I solve stuff
Check out the box, “#poBox16589” #VaginaWhisper is tough because women don’t like men #mansplaining but want thoroughness that skips #insideBaseball “jargon”

Download twitter and search hashtag, “#poBox16589” 

If you’re 17 1/2 yo to 19 years old, text me

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