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What Steve Streit Can Tell You About Starting Your FICO From Negative 500

by Larry Chiang on May 18, 2017

Larry Chiang worked for a J.B.A. Jedi in Business Administration and was mentored by Mark McCormack via What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School. Neither he nor his mentor went to Harvard Business School. Larry Chiang guest lectured at Harvard Law School on how partners often do not have HLS degrees but are super street smart so, Harvard’s Harbus wrote: โ€œWhat They Donโ€™t Teach You at Stanford Business School”.

Larry Chiangby Larry Chiang

ย Wow, it is rough on social media to be a credit executive. Look at the hashtag, #SteveStreit. Its getting blasted.

Well I crashed Retail Banking Conference to bring your deep underground credit knowledge via subroutines. These are credit executive insider tricks. These are your first 17 steps to establishing credit as a 17 1/2 year old. Download twitter on your phone to search, #First17steps. Do not follow me on Twitter. Search my stuff because my best content was behind me.

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