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Getting ROI, Return on Investment in NYC for MCC 2019

by Larry Chiang on April 30, 2019

By Larry Chiang

The $1,700 vVIP tickets for Magical Crypto Conference have a #cs183roi just from the stuffed animals. #mcc2019

I am reselling a vip ticket and keeping the stuffed animals that I will put on the eBay / PayPal / WordPress along with chain of custody here on Twitter 

Correction: the tickets are only $520 but go up in price Saturday. Just like bitcoin, you waited and now itís $6,200. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
As a vVIP, I get my ROI way prior to putting a nickel of my hard earned MPís money [Maximal Partnersí 💰]. 

This #shitcoinTurnaround is a TURN AROUND of a worthless set of 4 that I now give worth, to. Thus, a turn around

How?! I dunno. But I will. cc ??@BLR13??Ö


#shitcoinTurnaround. Itís where you turn around turd. No money required. 

WhalePanda (@WhalePanda)
In addition to the 4 awesome limited edition silver plated copper coins that ??@SatoshiLite?? posted yesterday, #MCC2019 VIPs also get all 4 MCF dolls. Other guests will get a random one in their swag bag.

Price of the tickets will increase on Saturday:


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
??@WhalePanda?? ??@SatoshiLite?? ??@magicalcrypto?? ??@Excellion?? ??@fluffypony?? #mcc2019 The hosts. This is the sweet spot 

All four are smarter than I. They are also dumber than me BECAUSE THEY MADE THIS CUTE SHITAKE UP:


King of The Crypto (@Jblazecrypto)
??@SatoshiLite?? ??@WhalePanda?? ??@Excellion?? ??@fluffypony?? ??@magicalcrypto?? If I purchase a VIP ticket, can you guys just send me the swag bag?


PayPal me!
If the vVIP tickets are sold out, Iíll refund you the $1,700

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