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Analyzing ROI for an Exorbitantly Priced VIP Event

by Larry Chiang on November 8, 2019

By Larry Chiang
My first trip to SF had a price tag of $60,000. It was for Hambrect and Quist’s Technology Conference. 
Mark McCormack said, “If I didn’t get my ROI for the four day Hambrect and Quist event, that he’d refund me the difference”
image1.jpegROI for a $150 VIP Party
As Mark McCormack’s mentee, I wanna get you your ROI b-e-f-o-r-e the event. Hustle up as a jobapreneur, and get your return on investment before the event starts

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
>$150 VIP ticket Worth It!?

Challenge yourself to get your ROI (return on investment), prior to going into the $150 event. 

Then happily JUST BE at the event knowing you have your nut covered. Pun intended. pic.twitt

An example is Shaqtacular 
This event was presented by American Express Platinum Concierge. Tickets were pricey

Shaqtacular ??@SHAQ was $2,000

Let’s examine getting an early Return On Investment. 
-1- Does Shaq have a book or a venture fund to launch?
Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
??@The_Real_Shaq?? Hey! It’s Larry Chiang from I managed celebs under Elise Kim. I’ve news for you from SF #SWSF09
-2- Does shaq need more investments like Ring?
Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)

Shaqtacular ??@SHAQ?? 

It’s LARRY CHIANG (Elise Kim’s team leader LA airfield 🙂


U like the ??@briansolis?? too rt!?

-3- Does Shaq need VIP celebrities to attend 

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
I was introduced to Shaq via an AmEx invite #Shaqtacular

-4- What problems Does Shaq have that you can solve?


-5- What problems do celeb attending present to Shaq

Does he need a vip sponsor to get vip trailers to host celebs

Does he need a crew of volunteers to be trained to wrangle celebs from their car or car service to the door?

Shaq would have taken the $2000. But I bet he wants $2000 the way that I would spend it because I am genius with how I spend $2k

For the $150, ask if you can provide professional photog services. $150 is easy. 

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