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When a Mentor Prescribes Homework

by Larry Chiang on January 27, 2020

By Larry Chiang

Homework and work are counterintuitive. Homework in the real world is optional and verrrrry easy. Doing the work means prep work.

When your mentor recommends that you do work at home, they do not spell it out on a chalkboard. In fact, they will barely even put the work out there. It’s a flippant suggestion.

But do not make the mistake of seeing this optional homework as a questionable thing to execute. Think of this as if it’s a Final Exam for money.

For example, I was rejected from presenting my technology small business when I was in college. My mentor said in a jocular tone:

You should attend the Hambrect and Quist Tech Conference anyway.

This was a go-No-go moment.

Either, I’d not listen and lose a mentor or else I would listen and show my mentor that I was a viable force who has a life energy that could not be ignored.

The Westin St Francis hosted the H&Q Conference. I aced it and utilized Mark McCormack signature business Recipe #HTGHFAOTR


How To Get Home Field Advantage On The Road.

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