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$45 Rebate on a $40.01 Purchase

Its not just any ‘rebate’. It is a special rebate. CEO, Larry Chiang’s Reverse Rebate Model (LCRRM) is your Exclusive Duck9 Offer to Get a FICO Score, Credit Card Credit Score over 700 (Undergrad engineers ONLY)

Buy the Duck9 program for $40.01 to get a $45 rebate, so if you teach at Stanford engineering like me, you can calculate that its a five buck profit. Let me repeat, “It is like me paying you five dollars.” I wrote about LCRRM in my Yahoo column. Take out your smart phone and send me $40.01 to the Duck9 paypal account: 650-283-8008

Yes, you did the math right too, we are paying you $5. I am Larry Chiang and I invented Duck9. I also invented the “Larry Chiang Reverse Rebate Model” It used to be called LCRM: Larry Chiang Rebate Model. It reduces sales friction. Yeah, its also an article on my column I write at Yahoo, “Reducing Sales Friction“. I am the same “Larry Chiang” that hacked his way to star in a Capcom video game to impress NFL Athletes, here and here. Yes, I mentor them on FICO credit scores too ( NFL rookie camp and Superbowl). In real life, I am not a 6’5″ butcher that throws cows. I am 6’5″ ex-varsity athlete that throws 84mph right handed — Yes, I watched a lot of baseball under Augie Garrido and “DNP-coaches decision”-ed a lot.

here is the catch to the “Larry Chiang Reverse Rebate Model”
– You gotta facebook update twice about what you do to raise your college undergrad FICO score
– You do NOT need to mention duck9. For goodness sakes, we do NOT NEED more press. Our CEO, me, is a huge media WHORE. Do not even “DuckDuckGo” / search it. Yeah, DuckDuckGo is a new search engine all the cool kids are on.
– If at anytime you’re unhappy with the knowledge Duck9 is paying you to receive, you can text message ‘REBATE me now Biatch’ to the CEO’s secret cell phone 13 million college students have been lead generated. Zero complaints.

CAUTION: For Dickie-the-Duck‘s sake, effen text your full name before you call me :-)

Execute on this $45.00 rebate. Its easy to do, its easier not to do… like augmenting and establishing your FICO score. If you want in on it, pay pay $40.01 to me, the CEO, directly. Yeah, I will be your executive assistant the whole way through your transition from zero to hero — zero FICO score to hero FICO score of 700.+

Act now and we’ll throw in a book: “101 Secrets”. It’s a $19.95 book, yours free.