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Future Q4 Yelp Review of Caroline’s for the Specific Purpose of Organizing a Bachelorette Party Schedule

by Larry Chiang on August 10, 2020


By Larry Chiang 
I get why you’re here. You’re searching Duck-Duck-Go for “fun stuff to do for Bachelorette Weekend” in Austin. 

SkyBar in LA, Redwood Room @Clift in SF, Buddha Bar in Paris and Upstairs at Caroline’s here in town. Sooo Texas. 
Do not laugh
Due to a quagmire and AI do mean clusterfark-of-a-pseudo-pandemic, the IT spot to be all of a sudden is the same spot you redeem BonVoy Platty Amabssador free brekkie. Sure, I just used a run on sentence, but maybe you can bear with this avalanche of advice and imbibe all that’s great Upstairs at Caroline’s 
Unlike SkyBar, RR and BB, Caroline’s is not dimly lit. Truth in advertising prevails. No more chatting up a Smokey Brunette only to discover she’s a coug! 
Here is some insight(s) since there is a line a mile long:
-1- Enter from the second floor hotel elevators. Newbies walk up the stairs from the street
-2- there are secret suites where people pregame. It’s called Element Hotel and A-loft Hotel. 
-3- Get in around 8pm. By 10pm, it’s crushed and the tables do not turnover. 
-4- bachelorette parties should text 650-283-8008 and I’ll tell Bill to make a table reservation for groups of 8 or more
-5- Element Hotel and A-loft Hotel are the building. Caroline’s is the restaurant. Upstairs at Caroline’s is the bar/lounge. 
-6- The AfterParty isn’t in the suites at Element Hotel and A-loft Hotel. Thats a scam. The real after parties are on pool roof decks. 
Verrrrrry instagrammable. 
Think night time. 
Fairmont hotel roof pool. 
Four Seasons patio Pool
Camden Rainey Roof Deck Pool. 
be Fooled by Randomness or conjure up a Ga Ga Guaranteed hit for your Stanford Engineering educated, self
Sure, I’ll strip for all y’all. But your party must contain at least 2 Harvard or Stanford masters Degree matriculants
If you’re from a bougie bougie coast and feel it’s beneath you to wait 90 minutes for Upstairs at Caroline’s, that just means your maid of honor is a slouch. She didn’t plan this out super well because secretly, she wants a version of your man but taller than 6’. 
Distribution and sales practice at Ra
I like it RA
See you Friday night at Caroline’s. This is Erica and Elise to my right. I’m the Chinese guy rocking dry fit and a Buccaneers 🏴‍☠️ cap with a sheen because it’s SO HUMID here. 

Problem: There are few places to socialize and meet new people.

Solution: distribution has always been a problem. Seeing the Austin landscape for what it’s Covid 19 State is will help you get a lay of the land.

Problem: There are no product out of the box to solve the Pregame In An Element Hotel issue.

Solution: party promote by hosting at 98 San Jacinto and build your email list.

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