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6 Signs Your Crypto Is Gone BABY GONE

by Larry Chiang on August 4, 2020

FTC Disclosure:
I own the cryptocurrencies I mention. Err, I used to own the crypto until I lost it all at WireX App
By Larry Chiang
This article is too long don’t read. I parked crypto at WireX. It’s gone. 
Sure it sucks for me, but maybe you will understand that as per Nick Szabo, “trusted third parties are the security hole”. 
Here are the six signs your crypto is gone in one nutshell. 
Emails, Twitter DM’s, support ticket numbers inside ZenDesk, My Lost Crypto, a Request for Postal Mail, and a New MD in America Named Harold Montgomery. They all do not help. This England startup WireX has lost all of my crypto. 
#1 Sign Your Crypto Is GONE: Harold Montgomery. 
Let’s start with the only potentially real thing about WireX: Pavel Matveev hiring Harold Montgomery. 
Howard Montgomery requires WireX customers in America to send paper mail to the UK
They announced the hire on Twitter
You’d think as part of the launch, they would reach out to the Silicon Valley community. But instead, they retreat into asking for postal mail
Pavel Matveev and Harold Montgomery require you to send postal mail for customer service with WiteX
They keep saying “support ticket number” as if the outsourced customer service company is trying to risk mitigate fraud by being purposefully obtuse. 
#2 Sign Your Crypto Is Gone: Requests for postal mail
I know the UK calls the Revolutionary War the civil War they lost but postal mail is so Old Skool
But alas, I really want my $1,000 – $488,000 in crypto back so I drafted a letter 
WireX Crypto app, 34-37 Liverpool St, 
with the appropriate postage which is $1.20 from America to WireX Crypto, 34-37 Liverpool St, 
London EC2M7PP U.K.
Subj: lost crypto funds @wireXapp Pavel Matveev and Harold Montgomery 
The CEO, Pavel Matveev, has been unresponsive And remains in the “not yet responded mode”
The robot replies from ZenDesk WireX are semi responsive in an intermittent fashion  
7/2/2020 problem. Still unresolved 08-04-2020
Larry Chiang 🔴🔴🔴 650-283-8008 (@LarryChiang)
.⁦‪@wirexapp‬⁩. I am having a problem swapping LTC for ETH. My email is

#3 Sign Your Crypto Is Gone: 

You can’t sell your ethereum (aka Ether, also known as $ETH) because the trading buttons do not work after you login and after you jump through every KYC protocol. 
Twitter DMs were to no avail 
#6] Signs Your Crypto Is Gone: You are having to write a WordPress blog post
WordPress is the final ditch hope to notify wrongdoers via gmail keyword alert. 
CEO of Duck9, Larry at (650) 283-8008 (@6502838008)
⁦‪@LarryChiang‬⁩ ⁦‪@wirexapp‬⁩ ⁦‪@matveevp‬⁩ Pick up the phone and call your customer who has lost a lot of crypto 


Larry Chiang

CEO ⁦‪@duck9‬⁩ 

Country code #1, 🇺🇸


Dust off those #10 envelopes if you have a WireX account with more than four figures BECAUSE NOW YOURE A JUICY TARGET
Lost crypto at WireX App, 34-37 Liverpool St, 
#5] Signs Your Crypto Is Gone: You are having to Telephone MasterCard 

MasterCard 🇺🇸 {pending} partnership with WireX

Wirex (@wirexapp)
⁦‪@6502838008‬⁩ ⁦‪@matveevp‬⁩ ⁦‪@LarryChiang‬⁩ Hello there. If you are having any issues with your Wirex account, please provide me with your support ticket number/username (direct message)/details of your issue and I will try to get a resolution ASAP. 

MasterCard and visa, prepare for merchant disputes, third party sketch and a whole host of “#Fyre”

Larry Chiang 🔴🔴🔴 650-283-8008 (@LarryChiang)
⁦‪@matveevp‬⁩ ⁦‪@wirexapp‬⁩ It’s a crime to destroy USA mail!!👀

Having a month long problem w/WireX App. They’ve just taken my crypto!!

wireX solution is to have me in 🇺🇸 mail POSTAL mail to the UK. Harold Montgomery, WireX.

cc ⁦‪@SDNYnews‬⁩ ⁦‪@chesaboudin‬⁩ ⁦‪@KenPaxtonTX‬⁩ #cs183law

LarryChiang ⁦‪@ProtonMail‬⁩ com

Fintech Finance (@fintechf)
Wirex announced that Harold Montgomery has joined the company as Managing Director of Wirex USA. #Data #Datascience #Analytics#fintechlife #Banking #Bank #FintechFinance#Lendtech #knowyourcustomer #KYB #Regtech#Compliance #Credit #SME #CrossB
#4] Signs Your Crypto Is Gone: You have to memorize support ticket numbers, 1492837. 
What They DO Teach You at Stanford Engineering = “customer development cycle”. If a customer has a complaint, do not water it down by assigning a customer support ticket number. Handle the complaint head on.
It’s a cliche mistake to pretend to be big.
It’s a cliche mistake to add layers between a VIP customer and front line employees.
It’s a mistake to offer up “” as a depersonalized method of access. Just be Pavel Matveev at ‘Company-That-Pretends’ dot com
Larry Chiang 🔴🔴🔴 650-283-8008 (@LarryChiang)
⁦‪@matveevp‬⁩ ⁦‪@wirexapp‬⁩ So slow in responding as a UK company “ceo” is pretending to not see a 🐳 having a whale of a problem

Meanwhile, my friend ‘Jeff ⁦‪@amazon‬⁩ dot com’ responded and tracked down a bed going #330Spring Street. ⁦‪@SDNYnews‬⁩…

Solution: Avoid WireX
Solution: just use Barry Silbert’s $GDLC 


Q: Larry Chiang, you sounds like you’re joking because this post is hilarious 

Larry Chiang answer: That sounds more like a statement than a question. 
QUESTION: Did you really lose money? 

Larry Chiang answer: Yes. And technically I lost currency. Real money is gold and silver. 
QUESTION: You don’t sound mad 

Larry Chiang answer: oh, I’m mad AF. But in order to get anyone to listen, you gotta be funny. 
QUESTION: How did you first hear about WireX? 

Larry Chiang answer: I heard it from Jeff Berwick, dollar Vigilante. I would seriously question any recommendation from him now and forever. My signing up to WireX is the only piece of advice of his that I’ve taken action on. It worked okay until my wealth de la crypto got really SWOLLEN 
QUESTION: Are you done with crypto now that you lost it all at WireX?

Larry Chiang answer: 
QUESTION: Are you going to sue? You keynoted at Harvard Law School and I see you all the time at 656 Knight…

Larry Chiang answer: Maybe. In the past, I’m 9 for 9 in court. 
Plus, I’m a positive guy. I believe in karma. I also believe that since all the money I lost was “house money”. Money was just mine to temporarily steward. Currency is like air, it blows in and blows me like Thermo Dynamics 
I’ll probably get this all back in 10 years when the technology is able to ‘forensically crypto extraction off the sub circle ledger’ and it’ll be worth £30,000,000 {2020 pounds [£]}
QUESTION: Are you upset at losing so much of your wealth? 
Larry Chiang answer: I’ll make more money. If you really wanted to steal from me…, spend it under a dark cloud because karma can be tracked, channeled and measured.
No more questions. 

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