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Banks, #FinTech and Hearsay Summit

by Larry Chiang on May 17, 2017

Larry Chiang arms undergraduate engineers with a FICO over 750. As an undergrad, both he and his Duck9 co-founder, Matt Smith. graduated college with FICOs over 800. Summarizing street smarts via twitter culminated in a Stanford Engineering’s ‘technology entrepreneurship’, Engineering 145, teaching gig. E145 advocates doing user conferences like Hearsay Summit. It is “What They Don’t Teach You at Business School”. Chiang’s Harvard Law keynote, was about street smarts of co-founding a law firm by doing educational talks to knowledge activate X. Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“ (it’s the same title as his NY Times bestseller). If you read his hilariously awesome “What a Supermodel Can Teach a Stanford MBA”, “Third Institution of Silicon Valley“, “How to Get Man-Charm”, and, “Hack Your Credit FICO Score as a Stanford CS Major Undergrad“, you will like his latest post that about a Stanford Engineering alums user conference

Larry Chiangby Larry Chiang

Sarah Pedersen (@sarahcpedersen)
“Banks no longer compete with banks. They compete with the experiences their customers have with Netflix, Uber, etc.” @levie #hearsaysummit


Walden Siew (@waldensiew)
Financial Journalism Needs to Be Disrupted. Here’s What I’ll Be Doing Next. #LinkedInLife… by @waldensiew @LinkedIn



Bill Sullivan (@WFSULLIVAN3)
#FinTech Impact on Customers and the Financial Industry”. Looking forward to #HearsaySummit with @waldensiew today.…

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