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Hack Your Credit FICO Score as a Stanford CS Major Undergrad

by Larry Chiang on April 10, 2012

Larry Chiang graduated engineering school with a FICO over 800 and so did Duck9 co-founder Matt Smith. Leveraging his hacked credit score, he self-funded his small business and now teaches creative founder financing and street smart legal at Stanford Engineering. His class on ‘technology entrepreneurship’, Engineering 145, is also the focus of his Bloomberg BusinessWeek column “What They Don’t Teach You at Business School”. He preaches street smarts. After Chiang’s Harvard Law keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“ (it’s the same title as his NY Times bestseller). He will be the first to admit that three mentors helped him. Larry Chiang is Entrepreneur in Residence at Stanford University. If you read his hilariously awesome “What a Supermodel Can Teach a Stanford MBA” and “How to Get Man-Charm”, you will like his latest post:

Hack Your Credit FICO Score as a Stanford CS Major Undergrad.

By Larry Chiang

I am the guy that hacked a high FICO score by reverse engineering an algorithm. I got really really rich by junior year in college because I was taught by three mentors. Usually, I just blog about entrepreneurship and hacking the transition from engineer undergrad to working-in-the-real-world engineer.

For example, I reverse engineered how to graduate with the #1 highest starting salary* by getting 3 legendary internships the entrepreneurial way.


Hacking up a good FICO credit score is tantamount. Back when I was an undergrad — I hacked the fair Isaac credit scoring algorithm. I encroached  on their intellectual property and trademark but did not infringe or violate it. Yes, all this credit mentorship is barely legal. OMG, my brain is still on the five week Spring Break I took. Sorry. It is all legal.

I repeat: This is all legal.

-1- Jack Up Your Credit Score: Add 24 1’s

1s are on-time credit payments.

But I can’t get a credit card NOW and I’m a motivated Freshman… Plus I know that co-signed credit cards dont help.


Ask yourself, "What is 11:11"? “11:11”

Ask yourself, “What is 11:11”?
1’s are on-time credit payments.

24 ontime payments that correlate to your social security number.
24 1s that are quite easy to do…, but way easier not to do it.

-2- Get the family power bill in your name.

If you’re an orphan or have parents that don’t live in the country. I will put one of my houses power bill in YOUR name. I will park $5k in your account. My monthly power bill is about $350.

If you have parents, get the family power bill in your own name. Then make sure your mom does not screw you by forgetting to pay the APS power bill. APS is in arizona. PG&E is california. Fill-in-your-parents’ state.

-3- Get the family cell phone bill in your name.

I kinda dont trust you enough to put one of my 8 cell phones in your name… but, we’ll will see. Paying a cell phone bill that is attached to your social security number helps your FICO. Getting a cell phone bill in your name helps foreign VCs with their FICO. Yeah, I help VCs too. It also helps entrepreneurs who are now VCs but wreaked their credit when they were volatile income-streamed

-4- Duck the 9’s

Charge-offs kill your credit

-4a- Charge-off paid off collection notice but primary account fails to update that you paid

-4b- Charge-off from college apt utility bill

-4c- Charge-off from unpaid parking ticket

-4d- Charge-off from closed account where you did auto-pay

-4e- Charge-off from closed account where you could not dispute a wrong charge because your account is closed

The hashtag is ‘AmexDuck9’ and here are awesome videos


The Jay Z Concert in Austin Texas where CS major undergrads got to go with me

Larry wrote a sequel to a book he did not write. It came out 09-09-09. It is called ‘What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School‘.


Larry’s book released 09-09-09

This post was cranked out in about an hour so email me if you see a spelling or grammatical error(s)… chiang9 @duck9 com. IF you see something wrong, text me at

Larry Chiang is the founder of Deep Underground Credit Knowledge 9 (Duck9). He hacked Fair Isaac’s FICO credit algorithm and battles lies told by the credit industry such as Fair Isaac’s claim that the average FICO is 720. The real average is 535.

Text or call him during office hours 11:11am or 11:11pm PST +/-11 minutes at 650-283-8008. If you email him, be sure to include your cell number in the subject line.

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