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Selling Something You Didn’t Make Is THE Entrepreneurship Lesson They Taught You at Stanford Engineering Since 2009

by Larry Chiang on November 5, 2019

By Larry Chiang

I wanted to call this article, “Selling Doughnuts You Didn’t Make Is Like ‘Selling First And Then Making It’ Like Paul Buchheit Said” but it’s problematic because students do not know the genius of 


In selling something first, you must initially identify a problem

Problem. There have been no #KrispyKreme stores in Minnesota for 11 years as per Fox-11 TV

SOLUTION = Jayson Gonzalez, college student, would drive five hundred plus miles to purchase Krispy Kreme in Iowa.  

image2.pngJayson drives 230 miles to buy donuts that he resells

 #KryspyCream threatening legal action on a legal #ExternalAPI and then kow towing, olive branching and making a peace accord with the salesman is all you @stanfordEng need to understand about how stuff starts. #ENGR145image3.jpeg

As per Associated Press: Krispy Kreme has told a college student in Minnesota to stop making doughnut runs to one of their Iowa stores and selling their product at a profit back home.

Selling donuts you buy is legal

This is #GuaGuaGuacamole Recipe #23 

>> Krispy Kreme reaches sweet agreement with Minnesota college student to resell doughnuts 🍩

This is #ExternalAPI 👀

This is the start of every founder of substance 

This recipe (pun int)  is never spoken of


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