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What They Do Teach You at Stanford Engineering About Money

by Larry Chiang on May 5, 2020

Larry Chiang self funded this big business using Mark McCormacks Jedi Knight teachings. After speaking at Harvard Law School about what Mark McCormack taught him, Havard Business School wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School” Read more of Chiang’s articles here at Duck9 and at Harbus to earn your own JBA, Jedi in Business Administration. This article delves into preparing for Stanford Engineering’s entrepreneurship opportunities by navigating verbal deals and sending out paper mail.

Larry ChiangPALO ALTO, Calif.

By Larry Chiang

Digital signatures. Decentralized payment systems. The future is already here in the 94305…, it’s just not evenly distributed. 

Well, I have two pieces of money news for you
/1/ verbal offers are real

So if someone offers you a verbal deal, that’s real. Lock in that verbal business deal with a follow up email of the notes that you took along with the offer that you understand there to be

Digital signatures are appx 1000 years behind this street smart maneuver. 
For example, an alum flippantly says to you at a big dinner, “Sure you can intern here and I’ll even pay you if you can prove you’re really in cs. 
That a street smart deal!!

Then you email them a summary of what you understand the deal to be

Be wary of miswriting and misremembering the email!!

Another example of a verbal deal, an alum is now sold on Crypto but can’t get past the KYC (know you’re cunty and county). They say, I’ll pay you $75,057 if you purchase $2,000,000 and hand me a hardware wallet where I can set me own twenty password retrieval

And you say… deal

Then you text them a summary of what you understand the deal to be

This is street smart also
/2/ White Plaza has a post office you scoff at. But mailing mail is useful as the only functioning API to “network interface” with Experian Trans Union and Equifax. 

image1.jpegTogether. We can make this box roar. It’s #WTDoTYASES. Inside scoop: Experian, Trans Union and Equifax do not want your positive credit information. They have a business model that brokers negative information. 

99% of college students have never mailed any corporation any mail. 

Larry Chiang 650-283-8008 (@LarryChiang)
White Plaza has a post office U scoff at. Together. We can make this box roar. It’s #WTDoTYASES

So, on Saturday, meet me and my dog, Tom Brady, at #530Lytton – I’ll tell you about “#poBox15019”. By law, Bank of America must open mail and read your letters. 

They can delete all your emails and web questions. On the phone, they can place you permanently on hold…
Such a show off!!  You just need 6 stamps and 6 “No. 10 white envelopes”. Aka #10envelopes. 
Larry Chiang 650-283-8008 (@LarryChiang)
Don’t marvel at the weather in Stanford Calif 94305. Marvel at the secret post office box at White Plaza #GES2016

Blogged from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, that Steve Jobs texted me on
There is a meticulously detailed method to get a $15,000,000 line of credit. But let’s start with a $300 credit line that is associated with your social security number. 
Get comfortable mailing in your social security number on paper inside of envelopes. Theft of your social carries punitive penalties. Theft of your ss# over the Internet is a freely non enforced misdemeanor. 
Theft is USA mail is a felony with a 3-year prison term per violation. So, 2 envelopes is a 6+ year sentence. But stealing 2,000,000 social security numbers is not worth an FBI agents time. 
Once you arrive at a fico score of 800, sell the balance of your envelopes and stamps on eBay along with coaching. Yes, coach fellow college students to go get a fico of 750+
If you’re a student athlete, you can’t sell on eBay. So, give the FICO8008 knowledge and supplies away. 

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