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Distributing Cookies, Promoting Technology

by Larry Chiang on February 17, 2018

By Larry Chiang

You can make fun of my distributing cookies…, but truth be told, my mentee is distributing donuts at Tesla parking lots RIGHT NOW.¬†

The solid line is DONUTS

The dotted line is Tesla automobiles that self-drive


The book from five of my mentors is called, “Cross the Chasm FROM THE RIGHT” -It won’t be released for a decade or so. So, I extrapolated a book report so you get the cheat codes NOW. It’s over at a school in the Boston area called, “Harvard”


What I’m saying is that in a similar pattern to my guessing at the #ENGR145 syllabus, I’m stating “hashtag C-T-C-F-T-R”.¬†

I’m hitting the g-spot of Entrepreneurship¬†


In the old days you needed a library card and the ability to charm a 50 yo spinster Librarian. Now, you just need Peet’s free wifi

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Tyler Durden wanted to fight Abraham Lincoln. As a taller and genetically better Brad Pitt, I wanna know what Abe Lincoln would do w/a HLS/SLS/YLS tri, JD-MBA with a CS PhD & payPal leadGen experience

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