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Get Ready for an Extinction Burst Out of Tom Brady

by Larry Chiang on January 4, 2021

By Larry Chiang
So when you’re an entrepreneur, you see financial failure all around you.
In order to not get extinguished, you work super hard and too hard. This extinction burst makes the general population think “omg Tom Brady is crazy”. Bursts are not crazy. They’re cliche. Extinction bursts are a form of positive leverage
Extinction burst is a cliche pattern that’s psych and we will explore this benefit in 8 complex steps
-1- Extinction bursts can be exothermic or endothermic
Blowing up can be good Blowing up can be bad



Exothermic is a positive outcome. The activation energy “gets you over the hump”. There really is a hump.
Exothermic happens when you have a mentor. Mentor makes the hump lower. This mentor is a catalyst. Your mentor lowers the activation energy required. Exothermic is blowing up in a good way where you and your team have a slightly higher chance of success. Thanking your mentor publicly let’s other future mentor salivate at the prospect of mentoring us.



More on these exothermic endothermic concepts later because I just lost some of you. Engineers know…
-2- Are you a pirate or a pussy!?
As an undergrad engineer, people would call me a pussy because I’d study instead of going on Spring Break. Id study on Saturday night. I’d study before the class. Heck, I’d study the lecture before the lecture. Being a pussy helps you be a pirate.



After studying until 11:30pm on Saturday night, I’d go close ass from 11:40-12:15. Quick blowie and I’m in bed by 12:25.
Find and locate your confidence from both sides of the pirate pussy line of demarcation
-3- The Extinction burst from contact. Hard contact.
In the regular calendar year, your football job is survival. Avoiding hard hits. Never trading off a hard hit for a 20-40 yard gain.
In an extinction burst situation, youre mortgaging yardage for physical health. Expect Tom Brady to stay for the hits and run around unprotected



Expect head first QB sneaks. Such a pirate
This brings me to my next pussy point
-4- When you’re in pussy mode prior to pirate mode, never mortgage your health
As an entrepreneur, the first thing losers mortgage is their health before they mortgage the house. Worse, high flying salesman will knowingly take on massive debt just to toe the Extinction Burst line.
When you’re in pussy mode, be a pussy. Do not just flippantly go into pirate mode for the shittz and the giggles.
-5- Be Present
My yoga mentor Giselle Mari talks about “practicing death” via shivassana. It’s one giant exhale so that you die well.
This is literally the extinction burst which I later reheard from Rollo Tomassi. Anyway, being present is a practice. If you’re not present in pussy mode, there is no way you’re in-the-moment for pirate mode.

-6- Have you had an Extinction Burst prior
99% of founders think they will never die as their startup dies a Silicon Valley death by leaving for Harvard business school or Stanford GSB. The reason I bring this up is ego
Ego makes you put off sales, distribution and mentorship attempts. Ego makes you never risk embarrassment
So many people will only have one extinction burst in their life. And it won’t even be a good climax.
-7- Pay Attention to the Language, Syntax and Word Choice of a Veteran Extinction Burster
Key words: – “appreciate the opportunity” FOUND IN TRANSLATION:
– “don’t know when my next opportunity will come from” FOUND IN TRANSLATION:
– any Tom Brady words FOUND IN TRANSLATION: it’s either pussy talk or pirate Extinction Burst talk.
words: – “I baked some biscuits for coach Bruce Arians” FOUND IN TRANSLATION: #AllBiscuitNoRiskIt
First round draft picks flame out because they think they can’t get fired. Entitlement at Stanford in non student athletes is rampant. Are you entitled to never die
-8- Death comes for us all
Will you practice dying Will you take notes on extinction burst Will you cower when people call you a pussy



Blowing up for bad is an endothermic reaction. More energy goes in. No good results come out



-9- When your enemy is cornered, why does sun Tzu mentor us to let them escape
Never mind.



-10- Extinction Bursts are not crazy. They’re cliche
You must sleep well. You must sleep deeply without drugs and with plenty of water and oxygen.
All sleeping is is nightly death where you’re in recovery and regeneration.

-11- Extinction bursts delayed

Tom Brady probably has sent more players more texts than anyone. If Brady does not have your number, Brady will bribe someone to get it. Brady will text you well wishes if you’ve a small injury.
I hope this message finds you doing well. What strangers have you texted?

-12- Extinction burster versus a dabbler

At school, you meet a lot of people that were successful in their extracurricular activities. Being good at extracurricular activities is what got them into Stanford. These standout students are in danger of being dabblers because they think they will try doing entrepreneurship.

A dabbler is no where near extinction because the safety net holds them back. Safety nets are not bad. Safety nets are complex

-13- A safety net is a basecamp

You want your extinction burst to come from a high basecamp.

Establishing a basecamp is

– Treasure management

– compartmentalization of clear public failure

– trying to level up and lock away gains

– basecamps are hard prior to a first commercialized success. A first commercial success is going from Zero to #ZeroPt6. Zero To One is near impossible

0 ~> 1 and you will go extinct.

Basecamp is another blog post that you can search out. If I have not written it yet, so my notes via #cs183basecamp

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