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Hold On To Your Butts Because Itís About To Get Bumpy

by Larry Chiang on September 27, 2019

By Larry Chiang

Belfie is a butt selfie. 

Initially, women at Stanford used to think I was crazy and didnít make any sense. My feed sometimes didnít make sense. But once it all comes together, everything about Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship And Red Pill Truths About Money make sense. Butt selfies ease women into business truths. 

Butt a butt selfie is like a selfie-no-self which is also like a non-employee-co-founder. As the only male speaker at a womenís conference, I gave out my cellphone to 500 women. A selfie no self is a pic you take but crop yourself out


Photo credit, my mentee, Tom Brady

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)

butt selfie,


ass model,

Model for cost per date/ass

Mimics “business model”.

Creative BM

Engineer up Biz Model #EUBM


It turns out butt selfie is the rabbit hole for all of entrepreneurship


Non employee cofounder is an investor who isnít an employee who helps you cofound and then invests at the higher valuation. Heís later editing himself out

Your credit report is a belfie also, but Iíll let you google why

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