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The Approach for a Selfie With Marc Gasol, 33, Toronto Raptors.

by Larry Chiang on January 9, 2020


By Larry Chiang


Larry Chiang and Marc Gasol. 

I set up this selfie by walking over two, 2 Liter bottles of water taking great care as to not drop them due to the condensation that was quickly building. Miami is humid AF. 

Condensation helped me generate three new accounts my first week selling chemical for Nalco. Few people take into consideration condensation. You angle into a power plant like you crash a Four Seasons table: 1st solve a problem. 


Larry Chiang, Tom Brady, 🐶, and Marc Gasol. 


Few big men work on their footwork with their back to the basket. I have zero idea how to score when I am within 3’ of the basket. This is a cliche mistake for kids who are huge and then all of a sudden no longer relatively tall. 

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
⁦‪@NkealHarry15‬⁩ Toronto. with Tom Brady, 🐶, not the Homo sapiens

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