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The Entrepreneurship dots are never connected

by Larry Chiang on August 26, 2019

Larry Chiang advocates a J.B.A., Jedi in Business Administration, which prepares you to be mentored by Jedi’s like Mark McCormack. Neither Chiang nor his mentor, Mark McCormack, went to Harvard Business School but gleaned all the content via published syllabus. After Chiang’s Harvard Law School keynote, Harvard’s Harbus wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”.

Larry Chiangby Larry Chiang

The biggest force that keeps people from getting off the ground is procrastination-until-all-the-dots-are connected

Magic Johnson ⌚️x💰 (@CJ_Johnson17th)
So many people are looking for a fail proof plan

They want all the dots connected before they even start

If all the dots aren’t connected, they won’t start…

And guess what?

The dots are never connected

They never start

Just like in Dungeons and Dragons, you must Map as you go #Ch2

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