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Who Blogs During SxSw? Larry Chiang Does

by Larry Chiang on March 8, 2019

Austin TEXAS
By Larry Chiang
The negative effects of smartphones has never been more clear. The power of the cellphone is actually draining attention from the serendipity THAT IS LITERALLY all around us. 
About last night…
At the Bryan Menell Austin Tech Happy Hour Mixer, I met up with Mike Cronin and Whurley 
Bryan Menell, Mike Cronin, William Hurley and friend (text me the name and I’ll add you) 
I took notes. 
William Hurley dropped a whale of an issue that’s as old as time itself, “getting people rich faster so that the pressure is off”. He goes by @whurley on Twitter. 
Rich fast!?!
CS majors never wanna sell. Sales and computer science collide at #cs183s. You’re rich if you know cs. You’re rich if you’re great at sales. Do both and you’re special like MaverickHandley
Getting sales traction is about three hashtags. These boiled down ‘signature business protocols’ are what my mentor gave me. Mark McCormack does not do hashtags, but I did hashtag the things that shift your alpha along the time axis. 
Are 100k+ tweets too many tweets?!?
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
All 115616 tweets are various machinations, iterations, replications and iterations of the genius “Mark McCormack” taught me. ⁦‪@whurley‬⁩

Okay, it’s about to get crazy because these three hashtags take up 1000 tweets.  

#cs183s (sales)

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
⁦‪@michaelccronin‬⁩ #sxsw

Three evergreen “signature business recipes” are 
#cs183s (sales)

cc #PRPRPI #RMRMRE which is explained in a video

BCC ⁦‪@jesse_kuet008‬⁩ ⁦‪@MaverickHandley‬⁩ Russ Bove, Doyle Diamondback, #sxsw

Be my execution buddy and favorite something prior to executing it. After you make $600k or $60,000,000 blog about it

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