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Theorem of Turning a Credit Card Into a Debit Card

by Larry Chiang on January 10, 2020

By Larry Chiang

A credit card should be operated like a debit card. 

Every nickel out should be paid attention to. Just as if you’re down to your last $300, the attention to detail will help turn a credit card into a debit card. 

– paying your credit card balance every Thursday. 

In doing so, you’re doing many positive things. These include improving debt ratios, credit utilization and timeliness of on time payments. 
CEO of Duck9, Larry at (650) 283-8008 (@6502838008)
START: Turn a credit card into a debit card. #first17steps

A cliche error is to turn a debit card into a really expensive credit card. This happens because debit cards have weird rules. I am guessing you have already been burned by overdraft fees

So do you know about the “total temporary charges” pitfall that comes with using a debit card at gas stations, car rental companies or hotels!?
Debit. Cards. Suck. 
The total temporary charges are way higher than the actual charges and this causes you to overdraw. The over draw causes fees. Junk fees make you sad and look bad. 
Be happy:
The best is to turn your American Express card into a debit card
First steps first, let us get you qualified and approved for a no annual fee Visa or MasterCard from Bank of America. Aim for a $300 credit line. 
Caution: Make sure your first attempt to get credit is not a failure. 
Text me before you enter a bank branch. 
Text me while you’re inside the bank
Text me when you’re approved inside the bank
Text me if they’re encouraging you to go home as they process your application. 
Text me as if you’re a FedEx package going from #641Campus to #530LyttonAve. 

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