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Explaining Power Bottom

by Larry Chiang on April 15, 2019

Power bottom. When Nick and Nick get RBIs at the last and second to last position, this is a metaphorical and metaphysical example of setting up a “money basecamp”. Power bottom lets the pitching staff relax. 🌲Runs at 8&9 hole > 🐶Runs. I forked 51 lectures inside a Stanford school* that I did NOT graduate from** You’re winning with a team inside a team. 🌲Stanford ⚾️Runs at 8&9 hole > 🐶Runs I watched all 25 1/2 innings. #InsideBaseball is 27 innings but they don’t play the bottom half of the 9th when you’ve won 3 already. Winning already is my theorem for Power Bottom. PB is a pun and not #SextupleEntendre. 2 meanings not six. *I was recruited **I just crashed Stanford University classes because that’s the type of confidence I have 😂

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