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Cameron ShitCoinProTips Ripping On Ripple

by Larry Chiang on March 25, 2020

Shadowbanned @Cameron (@shitcoinprotips)
⁦‪@enrique3330‬⁩ ⁦‪@arrington‬⁩ Ripple pays people to work with them. Only has 43% circulating supply, and has 67 billion more XRP to bring into circulation to dump on retail investors. To continue making it look like Ripple actually has a revenue stream outside of selling XRP.

Enrique (@enrique3330)
⁦‪@shitcoinprotips‬⁩ ⁦‪@arrington‬⁩ Fair point of view. So in your opinion the price of XRP will be lower in the future?

Shadowbanned @Cameron (@shitcoinprotips)
⁦‪@enrique3330‬⁩ ⁦‪@arrington‬⁩ Just my opinion, but yes. Obviously tons of opinions out there. But unless there is a MAJOR partnership like Bank of America, and they actually use XRP, then I think it’s going down. Eventually retail investors will get fed up.There’s eventually going to be 100B XRP on the market

Shadowbanned @Cameron (@shitcoinprotips)
⁦‪@arrington‬⁩ Truth hurts I guess. Been around for a long time now and has 0 literally 0 mainstream adoption going for it. Hell they pay washed up moneygram to use them 😂 I bet brads bank account looks nice though


Michael Arrington (@arrington)
Why isn’t “Buy more XRP and Bitcoin” one of the choices? 🙂

Shadowbanned @Cameron (@shitcoinprotips)
⁦‪@arrington‬⁩ Because it’s a literal shitcoin that made founders rich? Lol. What bank is working with XRP? Or should I say what bank is Ripple paying to work with them? Cause it sure as hell isnt one of the biggest banks in the world

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