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Devilish Thoughts Blogged from 650-283-8008

by Larry Chiang on November 8, 2020

Lawrence “Larry” Chiang 650-283-8008
I am from a college (university of Illinois, Urbana) that literally moved St Patrick’s Day because it conflicted with engineering finals.

#UnOfficial. We can help u with your fico
The only 3-way is you, my tweets and your #cs183notes

4/8/19, 10:58 AM

I used to have nightmares that I was lucifer stuck in an endless three way. I blame summer Christian camps and hitting puberty 5 years early
Now, I journal
For example the “totem” known as Florida & Floridian KKG Flower
I’d package up Florida, USVI, UK, Puerto Rico, BVI and Scotland into Constantinople and jettison the debt like Rome did. IRE land for all. 
It’s not a WEF/IMF/Davos reset. It’s an 🇺🇸 reset. 
It’s not a Euro dollar or Petro dollar reset. 
It’s forking fiat
It’s solving the bitcoin torpedo
I blame the 488 IQ and the sexiness. 
I blame the 50 yo administrator that labeled me a retard because my mothers death paralyzed me for a brief instance in time. Plus, my vulnerability of raw emotion with a penchant for killing it. These insights just percolate outta wet dreams may cum where last nights sexual energy parlay into Creative Energy. 
3-ways are never right but that 6-way country ‘spin out’ is every time I see Florida getting blasted or cut away by bugs bunny.

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