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Einstein’s Mentoring Me and Brady

by Larry Chiang on April 30, 2018

By Larry Chiang

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Remember Einstein’s thought leadership inside of FinTech with the rule of compound Interest and its effect on principal [Ditto Elon’s early work at Fintech Co]

I have some jawdroppingly bad news for you. Tom Brady might be wayyyyy smarter than you. He’s smarter than me and I’m smarter than U. 
Here, Tom brady is caught red handed copying Einstein’s Uggs. #ch3 is my mentors chapter on copy pasting genius. 
All #tb12 does is “pattern replicate” and *pattern iterate*. He once in a while ‘Pattern Recognizes’ but that’s all Josh McD! #PRPRPI is my engineering video u can google
PrPrPi is 
pattern replicate” and 
*pattern iterate*
Pattern Recognizes

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