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g-spot of entrepreneurship

by Larry Chiang on February 17, 2018

By Larry Chiang
Graffenburg named a spot that has existed since Homo sapiens began to mate. It’s a g-spot. It’s innovative. But it’s actually old. Innovation that’s actually old is called a sweet spot to be in. 

Check out my honey pot. 
Well there is a g-spot of entrepreneurship. And it’s old. But few know about it so to you at Stanford business school, it’s innovative. Unless you’re a Stanford undergrad who’s an #ENGR145, you haven’t learned this…
Problem: stuff that’s innovative dies
Page 75, “4 steps To The Epiphany”. It’s the red zone and startup death is imminent. 


Startups die in “the Chasm”.

So, you wanna take that phallic looking graph and place it right in the g-spot

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
hitting the g-spot of entrepreneurship since ’11


hitting the g-spot of entrepreneurship since ’11!!!!!! 


What do you care more about!? My friend Elsa or my public key offering semi private access to a distributed ledger!?


Focus all of your limited resources precisely at this point. Or don’t! Or do not foci and really just enjoy business school in Boston, 94305 or your safety school in New Haven. 


That same G-spot will be waiting for you after your JD-MBA, [untouched]! 

So, this is how you find your g-spot…

The solid line is dimples. 

The dotted line is crypto

The solid line is donuts. 

The dotted line is Tesla. 


The solid line is selfies. 

The dotted line is #selfieNoSelfs

Photo credit Tom Brady


The solid line is selfie, no Selfs

The dotted line is #nonEmployeeCoFounder

The solid line is my hot dog. 

The dotted line is my TechCrunch article about afterparties

The solid line is a slice of pizza

The dotted line is fico 800 scores via 11:11

The solid line is sexy like sexy

The dotted line is tech crap I am now forced to pay attention to bc the sex draws me in

The solid line is a party

The dotted line is the book from 1983 that I read aloud from and tweet 63,030 tweets about 

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