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Pinned Tweet & Klub Haus bio

by Larry Chiang on April 3, 2021

“Best elevator pitch I’ve ever heard”
– Greg Duffy
VC investor on Clubhouse at “@gDuffy”
#nonEmployeeCoFounder of the Decentralized Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Pronouns = she he she. Currently he. Preferred noun: Winning wins. A double positive is diffy from a double negative obvi
             –      🏴‍☠️ bio 🏴‍☠️      –
Largest repository of entrepreneurship knowledge ever to reside in one human = me, #LarryChiang. Appx 270 years of knowledge via 650 mentors, tagged “#ch5” and on over 135,000 Proof of Work(s), lives inside of the Larry Chiang. Larry @larrychiang . com
problem: you can’t get vc unless u don’t need vc
SOLUTION #cs183vc or #ENGR145
Problem: money
Solution #LABCS3004 #LABCS3373
Problem: you think and you can’t execute a hashtag because your brain is on Insta. Your brain is on the blue pill of gathering “likes”
SOLUTION = use my Twitter hashtag that’s clickable and then put pen to paper. Quit the #likeEconomy. Join my red pill email group. Larry @duck9 dot com
Problem: you can’t get a fico of 8000 unless you have at least $15
Solution: duck9 requires $0 and 12$ in working capital 
Solution: 🐥🐥go “Larry Chiang”
I’m Shanghainese AF. AND 190cm. Yeah the same guy who got fame and vc fortune because I ‘hacked’ in to Stanford University by getting a used $2 textbook. Then reading it. Then studying free lectures. 
SOLUTION: #cs183d #cs183e #stramgt353
After a ‘cold email’, Irv Grousbeck made me famous. I asked Irv Grousbeck about his lec 11 because it was not as clear as the other GENIUS 19 other lectures. He said “yes *Lec 11* sucks”and that I should come to the 94305 and teach it. Larry Chiang come sit in on lecture and then teach my class for me.
The. Rest. Is. History. 
Professor Irv’s now a friend and sits next to me for 30 baseball games a year. Yes, we are season ticket holders. He teaches the flagship entrepreneurship class, New Ventures #stramgt353. You a millionaire? Join us as Stanford ⚾️donors
It’s free over on Twitter at the above mentioned cashFlagTag, aka an Easter Egg. Easter Egg = “#stramgt353”
Problem = you poor
Solution = read #WTDTYAHBS
Crystal ball skill: I can guess your engineering school GPA. Text me the college and I’ll be within 488 kappa sigma
🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ Larry @duck9 com 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
University of Illinois degree ONLY from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, that Steve Jobs texted me on

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