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The Practice Of Entrepreneurship

by Larry Chiang on February 8, 2019

By Larry Chiang
My yoga mentor Giselle says to us, “Yoga isn’t a perfection it’s a practice”
This concept of practice applies to entrepreneurs and pre-entrepreneurs. 
– Doing basic distribution work. 
For example, can you sign up one or two people per hour for some service or app. 
– Doing Things that don’t scale. 
For example, can you get people to download an app in the real world. It does not need to be an app you coded. You can just practice promotions work. 
– Do seemingly simple things
Getting 24 on time payments in a row recorded to the three credit bureaus seems easy. But it’s details. A lot of people are sloppy with details. 
– Practice paying attention to detail. 
Do the detail.
Record the detail.
Confirm the detail was recorded with the third party. 
For example, getting 24 on time payments in a row recorded to Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. 

Doing the detail involves 
– getting a credit card in the social security number of just one person. 
– charging and paying a paltry $20. 
– confirming the payment was accepted. 
– pinging the oligopoly Of three credit bureaus to make sure the positive credit data was recorded via mailing paper mail. 

Yup, #poBox105281. Now does it still seem easy. But it’s details
The devil is in the details and in finTech the devil uses Roman numerals to keep you in the dark. Liii is 53. 
Good luck subtracting XXXvi from LIII. I think it’s “6”

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Practice and drills for entrepreneurship were stressed and is stressed by ⁦‪@justinkan‬⁩, ⁦‪@tjkosnik‬⁩ and me #cs183p.

[“Small ball” is my mentor Augie’s jargon for manufacturing runs while never hitting the ball outta the infield. I resemble that!!]

Alyson Shontell (@ajs)
⁦‪@justinkan‬⁩ shares his smart advice for becoming successful: stop making excuses, you can teach yourself anything you need to get ahead if you care enough…

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