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What They Don’t Teach You at Product School

by Larry Chiang on September 5, 2017

By Larry Chiang

I was able to attend Dan Olsen’s Product Management event at Intuit. A great, great speaker presented. Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia. 


My niche (unpopular 🙂 is to teach CS majors how to sell. Selling and product Mgmnt involves interrogating the truth out of buyers. 

My theorem for product management is that product development via b2b customer feedback is thwarted because buyers are liars. 

The pattern I see: a lot of buyers are liars. So when you’re executing the #JTBD (jobs to be done) protocol, you become undone by buyers who lie to you 
– buyers lie to be polite.
– buyers lie to hide their hiding from performance metrics
– buyers lie to hide lack of understanding of new innovations.
– buyers lie to extend the sales process in order to get free education and a longer look in. 

My interrogation mentor is John Reid. Perhaps this can be incorporated into your #ProductSchool? John Reid is the father of modern interrogation.

Sent from my iPhone 8 that Steve Jobs texted me at (two iPhone 4’s where @6502838008 texted back and forth 🙂

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