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What Underwrites Money and Gives Money Value

by Larry Chiang on November 11, 2018

By Larry Chiang

Working in credit for ten plus years makes you uncover a lot of systemic issues that surround sound money. Sound money is money that is stable. 


USD ‘Gold Standard’ only lasted 28yrs.


 Blip in time vs 5000 years of human history. Just enough time for our nation to rack up $70+ Trillion in combined debt and other liabilities. 

Alexander Lloyd (@alex01)


Bill Tai (KiteVC) (@KiteVC)
The #bitcoin white paper by “Satoshi Nakamoto” was released 🎃 Halloween 🎃2008.. Visiting “The House of Nakamoto” ( ⁦‪@housenakamoto‬⁩ ) in Amsterdam 10 years later..

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