Form Letter. Send it to the three agencies.
The idea behind this manuver is to get a free credit report because of potential fraud activity.

Experian Information Solutions Inc 
505 City Parkway West 
Orange, CA 92868 

Trans Union 
2 Baldwin Place 
PO Box 1000 
Chester PA 19022

PO Box 105167 
Atlanta, GA 30348 

June 28, 2005 

Dear Sirs, 

This letter is a repeat request (my second) to remove a "AltaVista FinCo" that you have reported. My first letter brought attention to this matter last year. 

In earlier correspondence, I noted that there I did not purchase a car, did not apply for financing, and did not of course, take delivery on a car that I did not buy. There is no business relationship of any kind. 

Please remove the "AltaVista FinCo" matter immediately and send me a copy of my credit report. 



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