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Update: I blogged about venture capital and this exact issue at CNN, GigaOm, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, BusinessWeek and here at Duck9's blog. Lol! I am the editor.

FTC form Duck9 recommends: here

The American credit report and recording system is archaic.

The faster you can intrinsically know this, the better your credit score and credit report will be. That is what's at stake... Yup, American credit score policy system is governed by an out-of-date credit law, "Fair Credit Reporting Act".(FCRA) VERY few have read FCRA, much less master the details of Fair Credit Reporting Act written in 1970. The credit bureaus leverage consumer common sense against consumers. Your effort to electronically see YOUR credit reports and credit scores from Experian, Equifax and Experian will be met with disappointment if you try online.

That's why you're on a bunch of webpages now, ISN'T It. Congress and World Bank trusts me but if you don't see the complaints, complaints and more complaints of American consumers on the Internet.

"The credit bureaus leverage consumer common sense against you."
-- Larry Chiang

As CEO of Duck9, strongly recommend mailing in this FTC form. Free credit reports truly cost 49 cents. Download this and mail it in to this address:

Annual Credit Report (seems like its a scam but is not)
Atlanta GA 30348

Think I hate technology? Blogging, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and hashtags are tools. Counterintuitively, a US postage stamp is a credit score building tool as well. Because stamps and PO Boxes leverage the USA credit law, called FCRA, in your favor #PObox105281. Fair. Credit. Reporting. Act.

"Annual Credit Report

ATL GA 30348"

Stamps and PO Boxes leverage American credit law, FCRA, in your favor.

Why stamps & #PObox105281?? The 3 credit bureaus mail you a complete Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union credit reports.

Opinion-Editorial: #ExpTransFax is kinda genius for raking over consumers with a business model that brokers derogatory credit data on consumers per social security number :-)

NOTE: I, Larry Chiang, control @freecreditrepor. See, I love technology!

**** Five reasons to not get your credit report online ****

If you must do it online because you've waited 3 years to get a credit report and can't wait another week (hint sarcasm), avoid these pitfalls


** pitfall #1 **

The online identity confirmation process is not clear. If you use Duck9's way, the #PObox105281 way..., you just include your drivers license. A "photocopy"!! Not the actual license. Online is confusing because by law, they can let it be confusing. THEY = ExpTransFax. Experian, TransUnion, Equifax.

Online is a mess. FreeCreditReport dot com is deceptive. Lol, free credit reports are here and at Annual Credit Report. Deceptive trade practices = normal :(

Solution to pitfall #1: Get a basic, "#10", business envelope, print out the FTC PDF AND mail it in.


** pitfall #2 **

These boxes are misleading and trick people into paying for a credit score when they should be just giving you the free credit report.

No Thanks, Just My Report


Yes, Show Me My Credit Score

Solution to pitfall #2: Get a #10 envelope, print out this PDF and mail it in. Plus your credit score heads into a grey area because you do not just have ONE credit score. You have a dozen credit scores*

*citation. "You have more than one credit score":



** pitfall #3 **


Are you sure you'd like to cancel your order?

You have chosen to cancel your order. If you cancel now, you will have to start the process over again if you choose to order at a later time.

What to do:

•  Cancel only the paid product(s), but provide my Free Report.

•  No, I'd like to continue my order as-is.

•  Yes, I want to cancel my order completely.

Solution to pitfall #3:
- Get a #10 envelope,
- print out this PDF
- mail it in


** pitfall #4 **

Very difficult to print out your report online. Good luck printing out your report. The website doesn't return results in a easy to read, easy-to-dispute manner. There isn't a PDF format and the results aren't importable into Microsoft word or compatible with Google docs.

Solution to pitfall #4?!? Get an envelope, print out this PDF and mail it in


** pitfall #5 **

Identity confirmation is much harder online where website visitors often come away with two of the three (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union) credit reports.

Do yourself a huge favor and skip pitfall #5.


Solution to pitfall #5: Get a #10 envelope, print out this PDF and mail it in

See more tips under "Save $$$ Ideas"

** pitfall #6 **

The name is confusing. FreeCreditReport dot com is under FTC embargo for deceptive trade practices and is owned by Experian. It's been under investigation for violations dating back to 1999 and has been fined millions (read and Wikipedia).

In short, the government mandated, free reports are at "Annual Credit Report dot com"


Fax and Fix your Report

** pitfall #7 **

Pitfall 7 is a whopper.

Why does anyone connect their social security number to an email?

Why does anyone connect their social security number to a website.

Social security -> email -> database -> Internet.

The pitfall is that when you use an online service of any method, your information can be taken electronically. Stealing paper is wayyyyy harder. Stealing paper that the US postal service delivers carries much harsher penalties. US laws are written as such

Pitfall #7, getting your credit "online" is not what credit executives do when they pull their own #ExpTransFax. Credit executives do what I do. Print and mail.

Solution to pitfall #7: PayPal me $4.05 to payPal account "650-283-8008 :) and I will mail you 3 things you lazy buzztard:
- a #10 envelope
- printed out PDF
- and a US stamp. U fill out your name mail it in