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The Problem: 1 in 3 college students owes $900+ on credit cards. 1 in 14 ends up dropping out of school because of financial pressure*.

The solution: a FICO score prep program that keeps you debt free for life


duck9 has three goals
(1) Graduate with a FICO of 750

(2) no 9s

(3) no cell phone overage/credit card late fees


ask your sponsor ducky about

1. breaking the credit bureau algorithm

2. live rent free with a FICO of 800

3. interest is a killer

4. dispute in writing and 8 laws to never forget

5. ducking 9s on your credit report

6. making phantom payments to get more 1s

7. avoiding late fees/overage by subscribing

8. how your school sells credit cards forcing students to work part time and/or drop out

9. banks vs us (reward card bait)

The cost: free but there's a waitlist