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These pages are not meant for public viewing
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eBook in its entirety is listed below the college student credit / debit tips which are previously unpublished

-adding two tradelines and paying ontime for 24 months gets you a fico of 750

- mortgage co will report you late when you've less than 6 months left on a 5 year arm

- rewards cards are pretty much the worse credit products to pick

- dispute early and often

- pay$25 if you owe zero (categorize this under hacking fico by adding in info)

- the three bureaus get paid to find and report negative activity on you

- you have zzeerroo rights if u call. You must write in

- crop circles are less mysterious than credit scoring

-Why don't banks send me a text when I'm about to get charged a late fee?
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-Sms a reminder for cell overages or bank bill due

- credit bureaus have a two tiered justice system
One for good credit people and another for bad

- never cancel an account. Keep it open and inactive. If you're anal, reduce the credit line to $2,000

- dispute in writing

- threaten to cancel but fall short by keeping the account

- pull your free reports via AnnualCreditReport.com

- help someone else with their credit

- start an anonymous wiki that documents your FICO 750 efforts

- add a car loan to a car you already have paid off
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- if you pay off your home, expect your FICO to drop 40-50 points

- buying a tradeline is a myth

- removing inaccurate info is tough.  Bureaus are paid to compile and sell negative info on you

- disputes are easier over the holidays

- disputes are impossible over the phone

- fcra says 'you have rights if you dispute via mail'

- fcba says 'you have NO rights if you dispute via telephone'


- The national do not call list doesn't keep international people from calling you

- use the disclosure box to shop for a no fee credit card

- if you're in debt, post a thermoeter to pay it down and track progress. No hail marys. No lottery tickets. No magic creams.

- no rewards cards.

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- negotiate intelligently using scripts

- when applying for a mortgage, fax the lender your three reports

- when applying for a car loan, fax the lender your three reports. Never finance the thing at the effen dealership

- 70-20-10. Richest man in Babylon

- careful of debt momentum.  Owing $30,000 of tuition at 6% is great. Owing $1500 @ 16% is catastrophic.

- debts swell at Christmas, spring break and summer

- if your parents let you use their credit card, build credit in your own name by getting a cc and paying $30/month by charging groceries

- understand 1s, 2s and 9s as your raw credit data. "X"s mean inactivity and don't help you.'1' is a payment made on time. '2' is a payment made 30 days late. '3' is a payment made 60 days late. '9' is a payment that never gets made a charged off. duck 9's on your credit report at all cost!

-augment your credit with tradelines that are filled with 24 "1" marks in a row. '1' is a payment made on time. 24 1's on two trade lines is a fico of 750.

- get organized with file folders
(Experian, Equifax, Trans Union, bank#1, bank #2, car loan, checking account/debit account, savings account)

- if you're gonna get ripped off, use your credit not debit card. Credit you can dispute much much easier

- 70-20-10 your credit card debt down

- if your 70% is 0, you should never owe more than $800

- you should never have more that 3x in balance than you can pay off

- if you have debt, know three things always apr, min payment, DUE DATE

- know that grace period goes to zero days if you don't pay your balance off in FULL

- Use the cancellation manuvering IF you have two other visa cards
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- never Ever ever cancel a credit card account.  Never ever.  Once you break up with them you have no recourse and lose all leverage.

- kill them with kindness.  Write letters early and often

-sole source at your own risk. Your checking account and credit card need to be at different banks

- there are no good refinance deals on credit cards. If you do want to, get your credit report

- Multiple accounts so never sole source

- Never close a credit account

- Fax in your credit report when you're buying a car/home

- check your credit report once a year (august)

- dispute items in nov december

- predate letters 5 days and send them certified mail
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- cc your attorney or cccs or CreditCard.org

- cc you congressman when writing the bureaus

- cc the ftc when disputing incorrect

-have them proofread for free at creditCard.org

- don't complain anonymously. Use your full name

-dispute merchant fraud in writing.  Calling preserves zero rights
One merchant is so accustomed to defrauded people calling in that they give a cancellation code that is bogus.  When this merchant, which we'll refer to as FreeCreditReport.com , gets slapped with penalties by the FTC, it keeps doing the same thing because consumers
a) want something free and
b) won't dispute in writing when they get ripped off.
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- don't get emotional about money

- if you're complaining face-to-face, their job is one thing... get your emotional ass out of the bank.  Save your saturday afternoon and google a solution.

Save your Saturday and spend it drafting a letter asap bigducky.yelp.com

-Google does a better job publicizing and filing so complain so others can see. Post it to google via CreditCard.org or email 750@duck9.com

- don't get sucked into the free t-shirt syndrome

- make no business decision because of free food.
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