11-12-09 News: the Roger Smith hotel has this event fully staffed and entry will not be an issue even without an RSVP

To forecast capacity before you walk in, text the party secretary @6502838008












Asse9 meets at Web 2.0 Expo at 7:00pm TUES

and 8:15pm TUES



Text message the party secretary Lorenzo (aka Larry Chiang) at 650-283-8008 - He hosts after parties

This is a sequel to Web 2.0 Summit after party here and here

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Invitee eyes ONLY


The NYC After Party

Where: Penthouse of the Roger Smith hotel (16th floor). Street address text messaged after you RSVP.
How: Text RSVP to 650-283-8008 your full name + "nov 16"
Honored Guests: Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Crush It
Brady Forrest, Web 2.0 Expo Chair
Jennifer Pahlka, Web 2.0 Expo Chair
Hosts: Beverly Macy (UCLA/GravitySummit), Rodney Rumsford (Tweetphoto/GravitySummit)
Co-hosts: Cathy Brooks (Other Than That), Lindsay Ronga (Cork'd), Joy Su (Topix) and Larry Chiang*
* Larry Chiang is doubling as the party secretary :-)
When: 9:00pm (or whenever Ignite event ends. Info about Ignite is here, here and here)

How: RSVP by text messaging in their FULL name to "650-283-8008". One person per text message.

What: Post party meet up. Hosted non-alcohol bar.
On the oh-so-hip Twitter @garyvee or @larrychiang

There will be three entry methods.

(1) -No Wait- People who have a text message confirmation from 650-283-8008. The message will have their FULL name from 650-283-8008. One entry per text message.

-No Wait- People who have an after party sticker on their badge. Get a sticker from the party secretary, Larry Chiang or one of the hosts or co-hosts.

(2) -Line- Queue is for people we need to confirm attended w2s

(3) -Waitlist- People who did NOT RSVP a text message into 650-283-8008.

Forecast of the waitlist or capacity of the party is at www.twitter.com/LarryChiang

* plus a secret celebrity co-host)

The last party was here: