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2-steps To Drawing An Owl

by Larry Chiang on April 26, 2017

By Larry Chiang

Venture Capital is hilarious. Deep Underground Credit & Capital Knowledge means we are going to go inside VC like we dove for credit secrets inside 3,400 blog posts at duck9
Thanks for being a loyal reader! Hold on to your butts because it’s gonna get bumpy!!  
Two steps to drawing an owl is meant to knowledge activate going from zero to $600,000 in revenue is super complicated if you’re a sales virgin.

There are 36 hashtags that outline protocols for money. Deep Underground Credit & Capital Knowledge protocols for money
Inside jokes layered into more insider jokes (based on extrapolating what’s inside public feeds)!! Credit “@iamDeveloper” on Twitter 
Inside joke: there is a VC firm a16z. Andressen Horowitz. 

Inside joke: cs183b comes after VC, Peter Thiel’s CS 183, “startup”. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#cs183xxxVi – 
just inside VC jokes, folks. 
Just jokes for IQ 500 yokes!!
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
34+2 Yup, #cs183a34z is inside 650 favorited tweets inside @cs183x…

CS 183b is “How to Start a Startup”

2 VCs who wrap their 300 IQ around creating jobs 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
2 VCs who wrap their 300 IQ around creating jobs vs me, Snoopy & Brady just trying to get you to $600k #ZeroPt6 #cs183s #NextEconomy


trying to get you to $600k #ZeroPt6 so you have a “basecamp” for your ‘moon shot’. #cs183basecamp

Sent from my iPhone 8 that Steve Jobs texted me at (two iPhone 4’s where @6502838008 texted back and forth 🙂

If you wanna draw an owl and think one blog post is going to get you from zero to $600,000, you are correct

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