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99.9% of Startup Business Advice Is Management, Not Business Starting

by Larry Chiang on December 14, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Once a Stanford engineer has a business up and going, you can pay people verrrrry little to run it. 
No one in the Bank of America branch at zip code 94305 makes $150k. You get get away with low pay because systems are set up. So, let us agree that management is wayyyyyy more easy & fun. Fun to talk about, fun to execute, fun to do. Starting involves selling and “doing things that don’t scale”*. Starting has such a high death toll that you are ‘default-dead’**

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Starting up a FICO score. Wayyy different from maintaining a credit score that’s established. Step2/ beachhead/cc @BillAulet



Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Startup starting, hard. 
Emerging company management= easy, common, possible.

“Started against impossible odds” sounds harder #ENGR145…


Xiao Lung Bao because they’re Chinese and they taste good and they remind you that Chinese people talk to their kids about “delayed gratification”

Parrot because we want to regurgitate mentors. Because starting involves doing counterintuitive work.*

Lion. Because lying on your credit application does not work. You social security number is your first “business”. The Business of You, Inc. Your social security number needs to get a high credit score in your solo, social security number. 

Start by exposing your social security number by mail. 
Last year I bet fewer than 30 social security numbers were stolen from inside a post office box. But on the internet hundreds of millions of social security numbers get swapped between hackers using zero day exploits, man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing, lookie-loos, button hooks, push pops and brute-force password hacks. 

Why steal your one social security number written on FTC form #poBox105281 to risk a minimum 3 year federal sentence?!?

social security number goes on the top

Later, when you start a startup, you transition out your own social security number into a federal tax ID number that is associated with your business. This I wrote about in GigaOm, “How to establish credit for your startup business”

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