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by Larry Chiang on May 5, 2016

By Larry Chiang
This blog post is all sorts of political incorrectness–
Hold on to your butts because it’s about to get cray cray. Accessibility of handicapped people parallels old executives over 28 years old herein referred to as “fossils”. Fossils need “multiple touch points”. Net: Old people need to talk to us on the telephone before they pay us. Old people need to see a phone number before they meet us as newbie Stanford engineering founders. 

[i dunno any startup whose revenue cherry was popped by a venmo]

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
if youre a soph doing #ENGR145 this summer “multiple touch pts” is phone, email and cell phone number #hearsaySummit…

Telephone: 650-566-9600

Email. No won’t get it done. seems like it’s spam. 
Chiang9 @

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
“It’s about accessibility. Every time you see a yellow, polka dotted handicap ramp, think: @LarryChiang wants us to get a phone #” #cs183s


Larry Chiang at Stanford Daily. 

1/ Get and landline phone number.
2/ port it out to Verizon
3/ Forward it 8am -5pm
4/ Set up a Kall8 phone tree with extensions.
5/ try to be transparent and accessible.
The handicap ramp is a U.S. law under ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). These entrepreneurship accessibility rules of thumb are for setting the bell curve for engineering 145

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