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Avoid and Duck Getting Fired, Acronym And Pun, Intended

by Larry Chiang on November 15, 2018

By Larry Chiang
Duck getting fired.
Avoid getting canned when you start a startup.
steve blank (@sgblank)
How to Keep Your Job As Your Company Grows…

Stanford Engineering 145; Lec 19. “Personal Business Plan and Model”

Note: TOM Chiang’s answer to impending firing was to just “be nice”.
Getting fired is an emotional rollercoaster of heck and more heck. For every business hardship in life, you should get a mentor that “pattern recognizes” (#ENGR145; Lec 8 is #PRPRPI). Then, hand over decision making while we as the mentees
– Pattern replicate
– Pattern Iterate. Thus, #PRPRPI.
Your emotions will betray you and these emotional states will be used against you. Remember, they have fired a hundred founders. You. You have never been fired. And therefore are at a disadvantage
SO *pattern Recognition* is what we “delegate” to a mentor. Pattern replicate & Pattern Iterate is what we do as the mentee
Look at my smile…, it’s ear to ear bc I have a mentor.
“How to keep your University of Illinois ⚾️ ‘job’ as Coach Augie Garrido imports 10 dudes who all throw 90++ and play SS/3B”
What I didn’t do= Take role in the
Stanford Engineering 145; Lec 19.

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