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Ben Tossell and Maybe Larry Chiang on How to Start You Inc (during UT eWeek)

by Larry Chiang on December 29, 2020

By Larry Chiang
Twitter recommends people❤️
Like me talking to a wrong number, I’ll allocate time to trust the Twitter algorithm. This is how I found Ben Tossell
This tweet hit home:
“Going to test a new podcast format in 2021…  Guest picks an idea, 1 week to launch it”
– Ben Tossell
Problem: startupland peddles advice over and over.
Solution: Get into the details of how exactly to start. Day to day, what does a person do to start themselves up. Detail by detail, how to engineer up momentum
/1/ No fair using a seasoned Twitter account
You must start at zero. 
I will walk people through “Less Than Minimum Viable Twitter Account”. And I will start at zero. Here we/they go from #virginTwitter to a non virginal Twitter account by having one solo purpose with the newbie Twitter account:
“Get their You Inc. up and going with profit”
/2/ Getting “You Inc.” a goal
As my mentor, Mark McCormack, said in What They DONT Teach You at Harvard Business School, you want to make money while you make money. You do not want to build a following and then monetize. Mark McCormack mentored me to mentor you on #HTMMWYMM
“How To Make Money While You Male Money”
See it, do it, report it. Do not over think it. 
Initially, the goal is a paltry $600k. If you’re an engineer who can code, it’s $900,000. 
No coding is required. 
Heck, I can feel you turtling. Turtle head going in is not good
I want you as friendly as the Fairmont hotel House Turtle that greets new guests in the Kona hotel bay. Let’s turtle the goal down to $30,000
You Inc getting to $30,000.oo is going to require you to 
Ben Tossell
Going to test a new podcast format in 2021…

Guest picks an idea,1 week to launch it, decisions to make:

– bootstrap/vc

– growth strategy

– b2b/b2c

– tools to use

– people to hire

Complete fantasy. Out-there preferred. No rules. Entertaining and fun.

Who should come on?

12/28/20, 1:55 PM

3/ Get pen and paper. Get a bound notebook you will ALWAYS have on your person

Download the Twitter app and get ready to jot down what I text, tweet or DM you. 
Pen. To. Paper. 

Ben Tossell

So much in startupland is peddling advice over and over. 

I want to see more fun, more creativity and less seriousness. 

Plus it would be interesting to see what wacky ideas come out (and which are feasible).

12/28/20, 2:00 PM

Executing is point number 4]

Ben Tossell
⁦‪@myfirstmilpod‬⁩ do a great job of scheming on the pod. It’s so interesting to hear the thought process of â¦â€ª@ShaanVP‬⁩and â¦â€ª@theSamParr‬⁩, how they get to ideas, where they’d take them and reverse engineering others. 

I want more things like this.

12/28/20, 2:00 PM

Reverse engineering from zero to one was my first 63,030 tweets. Peter Thiel pun intended. Prior to his #cs183 class in 2010, my first 63k tweets were all about going from zero to one. 

My express written goal was to have my Twitter account be a map for “How to Start a Startup”
5/ We are gonna need mentors
Since we can’t just get you a legendary mentor, we will go ahead and leverage my mentor. Do you remember who he is? Or did you gloss over it? I am not name dropping a person you have never heard of. I am calling attention 
I am citing and sourcing Mark McCormack. 
/6/ You Inc is gonna need distribution
Distribution is a euphemism for sales. Distribution is so painful that Stanford University just skipped over it. No one ever taught #cs183d. Stanford engineering went right to CS 183e. 
Paul Graham found distribution so hard to address that he renamed Lec 3, #cs183b from “Doing Things That DONT Scale” to ‘Before the startup’. True story. Over on Stanford Engineering’s YouTube, I’ve 6 lectures that help you practice selling and distribution without having to talk to anyone. 
If my saying Stanford scares the living daylights outta you
– know that the Paul Graham, Sam Altman Larry Chiang content is in a video format a 7th grader can understand 
– Peter Thiel’s content is at the 10th grade reading level
– I speak in hashtags, but that’s because Peter Thiel and I both studied and copiously copied Mark McCormack. These hashtags are specific plays in the entrepreneurship playbook
University of Texas might skip Entrepreneurship Week, but I’d plough ahead. Bevo pun intended. Larry Chiang

I’ve tweeted dozens of instances between the Peter Thiel Mark McCormack overlap. I’ll save you from the “forward deployed engineer” but I will tease you with non-employee cofounder. A non-employee cofounder is a vc or mentor who helps you start a company. They do not join you as an employee
Non-employee cofounders provide mentorship, a network and pre money advice. Non-employee cofounders actually bid up the price of You Inc before they put money in. Peter Thiel was Joe Lonsdale’s non-employee cofounder of Palantir. Peter Thiel tried to recruit Garry Tan to be an employee cofounder of Palantir. 
Every citation was sourced in a public media interview. Every citing is already in the public domain free to read. 
Let me be your shih Tzu guide dog

Cory Levy
I’m launching a new experiment:

I’ll give you $10K + mentorship from founders of Netflix, Tinder, Figma & more

You just have to… skip class or work for ONE week :).

12/29/20, 10:21 AM

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