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Book club / Fiat Standard / first stage Book Club / Second stage, Fiat Standard Warm Up Band / groupies for Fiat Standard

by Larry Chiang on April 25, 2022

Hi Saifedean Ammous Hi Shea Henning
Let’s get this book club swoll



Book club engage
So our first reading will just be us three, Know that my method is #cs183PQRST! PQRST is to fast learn and speed read Chloe and Cass are ok in breed Peter Thiel is CS 183, yes one eighty three Together all as one #cs183PQRST
Fiat standard is actually Web4 Roping in book club can go slowly Bitcoin Standard blew off some doors Good news is I wrangled in Cass & Chloe
Rhymes are hilarious



Chloe, Larry Chiang and Cassandra
~ #LarryChiang

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